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Katy Grimes

Has Chicago-Style Voter Fraud Come To California?

Voter fraud is real. It always has been. Some political consultants have said that the Democratic Party has perfected it. If the November election is any example, voter fraud appears to be thriving in California.

But voter fraud is something that Republicans have traditionally refused to discuss. “The truth is that voter fraud occurs frequently, and it determines who wins elections infrequently,” election lawyer J. Christian Adams found. “The integrity of the electoral process is perhaps more important than who wins and loses an election. Lawlessness in elections corrodes the entire democratic process.

The sweeping Democratic wins in California have many scratching their heads.

No voter ID, provisional ballots, online registration

No voter identification required to vote in California, the increased use of provisional ballots, and online voter registration generate a trifecta for election fraud.

California Democrats have tirelessly fought all attempts to require voter ID at the ballot box. But don’t believe the “voter disenfranchisement’ explanation. Most countries, including Mexico, require voters to provide identification before casting ballots.

Without a voter ID requirement, Democrats have been able to take registration to the next level, and were able to deliver record numbers of provisional voters to the polls this past election. But there are too many questions about provisional ballots.
“The problem is that double voting is some of the hardest voter fraud to detect,” Adams reported. “Section 8 of the federal ‘Motor Voter‘ law, requires states to conduct reasonable efforts to ensure that only eligible voters are on state voter rolls. Dead people, ineligible felons, and people who have moved should not be on the voter rolls as a matter of federal law.

Unfortunately, states usually don’t share their voter lists with other states. Nor has the Justice Department ever sought to act as a clearing house of multi-state registration data to detect duplicate voter registrations across states.” The Motor Voter law was passed during the Clinton administration and Democratic control of Congress in 1993.

Berryhill v. Galgiani

In the November California District 5 state Senate race between Democrat Cathleen Galgiani and Republican Bill Berryhill, 15,000 provisional ballots were cast out of 282,000 total ballots. This amounts to more than three times the provisional ballots cast than in past elections. After trailing Berryhill since Election Day, Galgiani ended up winning the race by more than 2,100 votes, thanks to the provisional ballots.

A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there is some question about the validity of the voter’s identification. A provisional ballot is cast if the voter refuses to show a photo ID, the voter’s name does not appear on the electoral roll for the precinct, the voter’s registration contains inaccurate or expired information or the voter’s ballot has already been recorded.
“Whether a provisional ballot is counted is contingent upon the verification of that voter’s eligibility,” Wikipedia reports. Except in California. No ID is required to cast a provisional vote.

Provisional ballots are a challenge

One poll worker reported to me, off the record, that 800 provisional voters showed up in the last hour of voting in San Clemente.

One longtime Riverside County resident said, also off the record, that she was on the phone to the County Registrar of Voters’ office for three days in a row because she had not received her absentee ballot. She finally got an election judge to approve her absentee ballot, but was told that she had to drive 1-1/2 hours to pick it up. Once at the Registrar of Voters office, she stood in line for two hours in order to cast her ballot. However, she said several buses of minority voters had arrived at the election office and received help from the registrar’s office filling out their ballots on election day.

A Riverside County poll worker said, again off the record, that members of the military were told that a polling station in the next county could take their ballots. Military absentee ballots are packaged noticeably differently in a red, white and blue square envelope. Because of this, she said the absentee ballots could easily be discarded or separated out.
“But we could not count them as they are considered San Diego County,” she said. She said that it turned out that the military absentee voters were given incorrect information, because to cross county lines to drop off their absentee ballots invalidated their vote. They needed to mail the absentee ballot, or physically vote in the county in which they were registered.
Part of this story is that people are afraid to go on the record with what they have seen for fear of retaliation — another mark of voter fraud and something straight out of a corrupt Third World voting system.

Chicagoland voter fraud

Let’s take a look at Chicago for some history. In 2008, the U.S. attorney estimated that more than 100,000 election votes there were fraudulent.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office recently prosecuted and convicted two Cook County election workers for election fraud. They were found guilty of violating voter privacy by “supervising” voters as they completed ballots.

In 2002, dozens of Chicago’s senior citizens applied for absentee ballots, only to discover that the man who was helping them to apply had already filled in the ballots. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported, when the seniors asked him what he was doing, he answered: “Don’t worry, you’re voting Democratic.”

More currently, the ACORN voter scandal in 2008 ushered in awareness of “community organizing.” But ACORN employees have been convicted at record numbers. “At least 52 individuals who worked for ACORN or its affiliates, or who were connected to ACORN, have been convicted of voter registration fraud,” Matthew Vadum of American Thinker reported. “ACORN itself was convicted in Nevada last year of the crime of ‘compensation.’ Under the leadership of ACORN official Amy Adele Busefink, who was also convicted of the same crime, ACORN paid voter registration canvassers cash bonuses for exceeding their quotas. This is illegal because it gives people an incentive to commit fraud by adding Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins to the voter rolls.”

“This case of voter fraud is worth studying today be­cause it illustrates the techniques that political machines and organized political groups use to steal elections,” Hans A. von Spakovsky with the Heritage Foundation wrote.

“Even in the present day, this threat is not hypothetical: Tactics similar to those documented in the Chicago case have come to light in recent elections in Philadelphia and in the states of Wisconsin and Tennessee,” von Spakovsky explained.
“The Daley machine may be legendary in modern times for its election fraud prowess, but these recent cases show that the incentives and opportunities for fraud have not lessened. Guarding against these tac­tics can make the difference between a fair election and a stolen election, particularly where the mar­gins of victory are narrow and just a few fraudulent votes can change the outcome.”

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