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Jon Fleischman

Top 50 California Conservatives On Twitter

Despite the fact that California these days is politically dominated by the axis of big government – public employee unions and radical left-wingers, there are still a lot of conservatives here in the Golden State.  And we care about the future of our communities, our state, and our country.  Conservatives are engaged in many ways, especially using social networking tools.  One of those tools is Twitter.  Over the last couple of months I have been working to compile a list of the Top 50 California Conservatives on Twitter.  Between people I have been following and the overwhelming amount of input from our readers, I had several hundred conservative tweeters from whom to choose.

What criteria did I use when looking for the Top 50?   There were really three subjective passes at the list to cull it down.  First and foremost – does the tweeter live in California?  Next was whether an individual was, in my opinion, conservative.  For this purpose, I primarily looked at whether the person was someone who embraces a limited role for government in our lives, and embraces liberty and freedom.  The third pass through the list was whether or not the individual is “effective” on Twitter.  Some of the factors considered in that process included:

  • Do they tweet on policy and/or politics?
  • Do they tweet and/or RT original content on policy and/or politics?
  • Do they link to great online sources of information?
  • Do they tweet too much non-political content to the point it diminishes political impact?
  • Do they tweet so much that it diminishes political impact?

Oh yes, I didn’t include anyone on the list who tweets anonymously, meaning using a twitter name not associated with a identifiable person.

The list is below, alphabetized by the last name of the individual.  I have also uploaded the list as a Word Document.  Finally I have created a Twitter List of the Top California Conservatives On Twitter.

I think when you review the list you will find it runs the gamut – from Hollywood celebrities and radio talk show hosts, to elected officials and activists.  Conservatives all!

In closing, I have no doubt that with a process like this, some deserving people were overlooked, and I am hopeful that those names will get to me.  If they are a clear oversight, we’ll pop them onto the Twitter List.

Compiled by Jon Fleischman

@AmatoTalk Rick Amato Radio Talk Show Host
@DavidBahnsen David Bahnsen Thought Leader
@AdamSBaldwin Adam Baldwin Actor
@HeyTammyBruce Tammy Bruce Radio Talk Show Host
@AlexBurrola Alex Burrola Thought Leader
@JonCoupal Jon Coupal Taxpayer Leader
@KiraAynDavis Kira Davis Thought Leader
@DaytonPubPolicy Kevin Dayton Thought Leader
@TomDelBeccaro Tom Del Beccaro GOP Leader
@CarlDeMaio Carl DeMaio Thought Leader
@AsmTimDonnelly Tim Donnelly Legislator
@LarryElder Larry Elder Talk Show Host
@ElizabethEmken Elizabeth Emken Thought Leader
@FlashReport Jon Fleischman Publisher, FlashReport
@CAPoliticalNews Steve Frank Though Leader
@RichardGrenell Richard Grenell Thought Leader
@KATYSaccitizen Katy Grimes Thought Leader
@RogerHedgecock Roger Hedgecock Talk Show Host
@HughHewitt Hugh Hewitt Talk Show Host
@JohnHrabe John Hrabe Editor, FlashReport
@DarrellIssa Darrell Issa Legislator
@SanDiegoRostra Barry Jantz Thought Leader
@TonyKatz Tony Katz Talk Show Host
@CAPartyGirl Jennifer Kerns Public Relations
@StephenKruiser Stephen Kruiser Comedian
@TonyKrvaric Tony Krvaric GOP Leader
@DougLaMalfa Doug La Malfa Legislator
@MarkLarsonRadio Mark Larson Talk Show Host
@AHMalcolm Andrew Malcolm Columnist
@DennisDMZ Dennis Miller Comedian
@ReasonPolicy Adrian Moore Thought Leader
@RonNehring Ron Nehring GOP Leader
@CAAmyO Amy Otto Thought Leader
@HipEChik Teri Peters Thought Leader
@JohnnyDontLike John Phillips Talk Show Host
@SallyPipes Sally Pipes Thought Leader
@BillPostmus Bill Postmus Thought Leader
@DennisPrager Dennis Prager Talk Show Host
@ReaganWorld Michael Reagan Talk Show Host
@ChrisReed99 Chris Reed Thought Leader
@MattRexroad Matt Rexroad Thought Leader
@KurtSchlichter Kurt Schlichter Thought Leader
@VerumSerum John Sexton Thought Leader
@BenShapiro Ben Shapiro Columnist
@DavidSpady David Spady Thought Leader
@ShawnSteel1 Shawn Steel GOP Leader
@RobStutzman Rob Stutzman Thought Leader
@WaltersReport Mimi Walters Legislator
@Gidgey Bridget Willard Thought Leader
@AllenJWilson Allen Wilson Thought Leader