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Ray Haynes

Messages to Free America From Behind the Sierra Wall: The Lockdown Failed

In this message, it is important that Free America understand the failure of government that is our autocracy here in California-.

It has now been a year since California’s Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian In Chief (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom (ALL HAIL OUR GLORIOUS LEADER) issued his lockdown order, allegedly designed to “flatten the curve” on the spread of the corona virus disease. Let’s assess the effect of that order:

Lockdown of Churches: An Unconstitutional Fail. An Intrusion on the Freedom of People to Exercise Their Religion. All this illegal act did was intrude on religious freedom. It completely failed to stem the spread of the disease;

Lockdown of Schools: An Epic Fail. This lockdown deprived an entire generation of California school children of a valuable year of education at a critical time in their development. Teachers and Education bureaucrats got paid, taxpayers got ripped off, parents had to figure out how to earn a living while their children laid around the house staring at their computers, acting like they were paying attention, while some teachers acted like they were actually trying to teach. All the while, the teachers’ unions demanded their teachers get paid. No slowdown of the virus, and a complete waste of a year of children’s lives. Our children will pay for this shortsighted and ineffective order their entire lives;

Lockdown of Government Services: Another Epic Fail. Taxpayers got ripped off, government employees got paid for doing nothing, and the virus raged on. The only good thing the citizens of this state got out of this order is the knowledge of just how unnecessary the services of so many government employees are. In the case of the state employees working for the Unemployment Insurance Division, we found out just how incompetent they were. Lots of happy criminals, who received unemployment while in jail, not so happy honest employees, whose unemployment checks were delayed for months on end (of course, the criminals got their checks without delay);

Lockdown of Businesses: Another Epic Fail. Once again, the virus raged on, growing at, what we were told by the sycophantic media, an increasingly rapid pace. Hundreds of thousands of employees, not employed by the government, lost their jobs, their paychecks, couldn’t pay their rent, or pay for food. Worse than all this, large corporate entities were allowed to stay open, while health officers walked from door to door, red-tagging small specialty shops. We might as well have lived in the Soviet Union. If you were a government employee or connected oligarch, you could stay in business. If you were a small neighborhood business, you were shut down. The problem: these foolish regulations did nothing to stop the virus;

Lockdown of Restaurants and other hospitality businesses: Hundreds of thousands of restaurant workers, who struggle every day to pay their bills, were laid off. Thousands of neighborhood restaurants were shut down permanently, causing many people to give up a business they had been building their entire lives. Of course, if you were one of the political elite, or a restaurant or other hospitality business tied to the political elite, you escaped the government’s regulatory control. Still, the virus raged on…;

Lockdown of the Courts:thousands of people deprived of the civil justice they deserve, and thousands of criminals set free, and the virus raged on…;

I could go on and on. Private gyms, movie theaters, bars, service companies, construction projects, and countless other business were forced to be shuttered by the irresponsible and ineffective regulatory regime. As important, the authoritarians actually increased the deaths caused by the virus by ordering health facilities to place virus victims with seniors, so that there would be no discrimination in provision of health services. Thousands of seniors died from the proximity of the virus patients to these seniors. Masks and social distancing were ineffective, and, quite frankly, just plain stupid. We were promised by the political and so-called “health” autocrats that these controls were necessary to protect us, and that we should tolerate these intrusions on our lives because we just didn’t “know what was good for us.” These political leaders in California, led by ALAIC Newsom (ALL HAIL OUR IMPERIAL LEADER), and the faceless health bureaucrats, told us they were following the science. In retrospect, all I can say is that either the science was wrong, or these authoritarians were more interested in exerting power than they were about protecting people. People I know in government were saying that a lot of the bureaucrats were “good people” just trying “to do their jobs.” If that is so, they should lose their jobs, and those political leaders who chose not to stand up to them should lose their jobs as well.

In states where the economy was allowed to function, it grew without any appreciable increase in infection rates. People lived in health, relative freedom, and a level of economic prosperity. Here in California, we did not.

There is always a good excuse for a bigger government that exercises more control over peoples’ lives. California, and the actions of ALAIC Newsom (ALL HAIL THE NAME OF OUR SUPREME LEADER), did not make things safer or healthier, and certainly made things worse for hundreds of thousands Californians. It is important that the so-called health regulations end now, and never happen again, anywhere in California or in Free America.