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Richard Rider

CA is now a PERMANENT blue state — for reasons few will understand

Gavin Newsom’s lopsided victory was NOT the result of voter fraud. There was no NEED for voter fraud, though some doubtless occurred.

Instead, the Democrats have stumbled across the LEGAL way to keep California voting Democrat — forever. It’s really simple:

1. Mail everyone a ballot. Previously one had to REQUEST a mail ballot. Automatic ballot mailings will become permanent in CA.  A bill to send ALL registered CA voters a mail ballot EVERY election has already been passed by the CA state rubber stamp legislature. It is currently on Newsom’s desk.

2. The return postage on the ballot was paid by the taxpayers. Previously the voter had to put the stamp on the envelope — something that the young and low interest voters usually wouldn’t do.

3. Ballot harvesting is legal and encouraged in the Golden State.

The key to a functional democracy is an informed electorate. In this election, the average IQ of voters dropped 10 points or more. A more uninformed and MISinformed electorate is hard to imagine.

Want to test my assertion out? Ask a typical Newsom voter this question:
“Under Newsom, there was a THIRTY BILLION DOLLAR unemployment fraud that sent OUR money to California prisoners and international crime cartels — while many of our legitimate CA unemployed had big problems getting their checks. Not a single CA government bureaucrat was fired as a result. Did you even KNOW about that?”

Thanks to our biased MSM, most will NOT be aware of this huge scandal. Try to imagine the voter awareness of this massive fraud if Donald Trump had been the Governor of CA.

California governments are subsidizing more and more people, with the approval of voters.  People love getting something for nothing.  With this new “easy vote” policy, an even lower percent of the voters will understand the downside of voting for an oppressive, high tax, anti-business, nanny state.