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Jon Fleischman

A Brokered RNC Convention Isn’t Good News For Trump

If you are Donald J. Trump, you are not very excited aboutthe idea of a “brokered convention.” Aside from falling short of the delegates needed to win the Republicannomination for president outright, the way delegates are chosen, and the nomination process itself, are not ideal for someone running an outsider assault on the party.

A brokered convention is actually less far-fetched after the impressive surge lately by Senator Ted Cruzover the past week. So it is worth sharing some basicinsights on how such an event would be politically structured, so that you can make your own political calculations about what might happen at such an event – which would be an epic, political maelstrom.

On the first ballot at the convention, just over 85% of the 2,472 delegates will be bound to vote for the candidate to whom they are individually pledged. Some delegates are pledged for more than one ballot, but not most. Just under 15% of the delegates – 165 of the 168 RNC committee members – are “superdelegates.” Yes, we have them too – though far fewer than the Democrats. Around 7% of the RNC convention floor will be made up… Read More

Richard Rider

The Tea Party Movement — R.I.P.

The Tea Party movement was a remarkable happening. It was started in February 2009 with a rant by a Chicago bond trader. But what remains of this movement today largely backs the OPPOSITE of the reforms that drove the 2009 Tea Party phenomenon.

Today’s Tea Party (what’s left of it) has little interest in the Constitution, or the safeguards incorporated in this fine document. Today the Tea Party movement is deader than a door nail.

The idea of a new Tea Party was started by Congressman Ron Paul in the end 2007, during his remarkable, Quixotic run for President. It was less a movement than a vehicle for Dr. Paul’s campaign, with the expected limited government themes.

But as a MOVEMENT, it didn’t catch on until 2009. Here’s a pretty good Wikipedia summary of the Tea Party:


TheTea Party movementis an American political movement known for itsconservativepositions and its role in theRead More

Jon Coupal


Would you commit to buy a car, a house or even a jacket without knowing the price? Unless you are a member of the one percent, chances are, you want to know what it will cost you before you make a purchase.

But what about ballot measures that can cost every citizen hundreds or even thousands of dollars? At the state level, the Legislative Analyst’s Office has the responsibility to provide a “fiscal impact” analysis – that is, information to voters as to the costs to taxpayers of passing a proposition.

But this isn’t currently required at the local level. And those backing attractive sounding, but costly, measures like it that way. They prefer to keep the public in the dark. If a county measure promises to create new parks in every neighborhood, it may sound great, but taxpayers should know what it will cost them before they cast a vote.

To read the entire column click here More

Katy Grimes

CA Legislature: Tobacco is Bad, Getting Stoned Daily is Good

Cigarettes are now illegal in San Francisco for anyone under 21, and soon to be throughout California.

The Sanctuary City by the Bay has a long list of sanctioned banned items: trans fats, the circus,sugary sodas, the Happy Meal and free toy, plastic bags, plastic water bottles, goldfish, baby chickens and ducklings, chewing tobacco, hollow-point bullets, firearms in advertising, wood burning stoves, drones, the Segway, hoverboards, and they tried to ban circumcision.

The list of banned items was all done in the name of public health. But these same San Francisco Nanny-Supervisors support public urination, needle exchanges, public nudity, pot smoking, free condoms, abortion clinics, and public sex acts are okay.

Smoking Ordinance, Bills and Initiatives

The new smoking ordinance was approved unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, just as the State Assembly… Read More

Health Care Tax Punishes Middle Class Families

The State of California has had windfall revenues for the past three years. At the same time, the State has shortchanged the developmentally disadvantaged and under-funded Medi-Cal so much that most doctors and other health care professionals won’t accept it.

So what is the legislature doing with the billions of dollars of surpluses currently flowing into Sacramento?

They have given raises to public employees. They have also ignored advice from the non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office to eliminate thousands of public employees that are not needed, a move that would save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars!

A lot of money was also been shifted to Governor’s Choo Choo train to nowhere.

I opposed all three of these issues.

A lot of the current surplus revenue has come from Proposition 30 taxes passed by initiative which raised your state income taxes and… Read More

Tab Berg

Trump: wrong or right

I don’t support Donald Trump.

Trump’s tough talk is scant cover for a shallow, disengaged intellect. He has shown astonishing dishonesty on even the most petty issues. His affable embrace of anyone who flatters him shows a desperate and easily manipulated hunger for celebrity accolades. His sudden and convenient conversion on a host of issues is more than little suspect – it shows either a mercenary malleability or simple deceit. And, his transparently feigned faith is offensive.

But if Trump wins a majority of Republican voters and “party leaders” try to scheme away the nomination, it won’t be the “short fingered vulgarian” who tears the party apart – it will be party elites who claim to be trying to save it.

A Trump win is hardly a foregone conclusion, but ignoring – or worse yet, dismissing – the real and visceral issues driving Trump’s support would be a terrible mistake and a betrayal to the principles of self-governance.

The issues driving voters to him have very little to do with Trump and everything to do with the failings of GOP leaders… Read More

Jon Fleischman

The Damage Already Done – Time To Adjourn the MCO Tax Special Session

Last June Governor Brown called a special session for his managed healthcare organization tax deal — the other for tax increases to fund transportation infrastructure. Special sessions may as well be called “transparency obfuscation and fair process elimination” tools. In these sessions the normal legislative rules and deadlines do not apply.

With the passage and signing of the new MCO tax, that first special session is over, right? WRONG.

It turns out that that special session on the MCO tax was not adjourned — it is still very much open. And my Capitol sources tell me there is discussion by Democrat legislative leaders of pressing forward with more tax increases and regulations, using that technically-still-in-effect special session to avoid all of the… Read More

Katy Grimes

New Assembly Bills Offer Union Employees (GASP) Union Choice

Two Assembly bills were just introduced addressing labor union transparency and designed to offer a choice of labor unions, and to force unions to open up their books.

Assemblywoman ShannonGrove, R-Bakersfield, is working with union employees who have been fighting the Service Employees International Union for transparency, and they’ve been educating members of their option to opt out of paying the share of dues that is used for political purposes. This is information the Union does not tell it’s members.

The bills are on behalf of the workers. Most media has reported that the bills are an attack on labor unions, but this is not accurate. The workers and employees only want unions to be held accountable. They want to know why the SEIU takes more than $60 million dollars a year for negotiations and representation. And they want to know exactly… Read More

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