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Jon Coupal

Taxes, Fees, Charges and Assessments: What Difference Does It Make?

What’s the difference between a tax and fee? There is no easy answer and the political class likes it that way. In fact, they would prefer that the public remain confused to the point of apathy.

The political class, of course, consists of elected officials, bureaucrats and their special interest allies who are to the Capitol what insider traders are to Wall Street. Working in lockstep, their approach to increasing the take from taxpayers was best outlined by Jean Baptiste Colbert, Minister of Finance under Louis XIV of France: The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing.

But taxpayers are not defenseless because Propositions 13 – later strengthened by Proposition 218, the Right to Vote on Taxes Act – provides effective weapons against an insatiable government ever in search of more revenue. These include voter approval requirements. At the state level, new or higher taxes require a two-thirds vote of each house and, at the local level, voter or property owner approval requirements allow those who have to pay a government exaction (no matter what it is… Read More

Richard Rider

Most “city workers” don’t live or shop in the city that pays them

In the labor union playbook to defend overly-generous “public servant” wages, one tired canard they love to trot out is that these government workers actually stimulate the local economy when spending their paychecks and pensions. There are two major problems with that argument.

1. It’s the classic “Broken Window Fallacy” — the ludicrous idea that if I take your money and spend it, society will be better off than if YOU spent it on something you actually preferred to acquire.

2. When local government employees work in a city, odds are that they don’t LIVE OR SHOP in that city. Most of a city’s payroll is spent in OTHER cities — usually lower cost, more rural towns. The smaller the city or town, the more likely the employees live elsewhere.

Here’s the proof from a San Diego U-T article:

Read More

Assemblyman James Gallagher

Deadline to Apply to Assembly Fellowship is Quickly Approaching

Are you an energized conservativeinterested in California politics and public policy? Are you concerned that California is not headed in the right direction? Are you a bright, determined person who wants to take California back? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider applying to the 2017-18 Capital Fellows Programs. Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree and is over age 20 by September 1, 2017 is eligible to apply. Graduate, postgraduate, and mid-career applicants are welcome.

In 2004 I was a fellow for then Assemblyman, and now Congressman, Doug LaMalfa. My year as an Assembly Fellow led me down a path that ultimately led to running for office myself and I currently serve as the Assemblyman for California’s 3rd District.In that capacity I have been able to champion individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and opportunity for all. Through it all I continue to rely on the connections made and lessons learned through the Assembly Fellowship.I highly recommend it as one of the most rewarding opportunities of which a young, aspiring conservative can take advantage. The invaluable information about public policy issues and the political… Read More

Katy Grimes

YUGE Election Fraud in California To Be Investigated

President Donald Trump announced last evening an investigation into election and voter fraud is coming. “I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!” Trump tweeted.

This is music to the ears of many California voters – especially those whose party registrations were changed right before the June Primary, ensuring a Hillary Clinton win over challenger Bernie Sanders.California was a crucial state for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, but the election was called for Clinton minutes after the polls… Read More

Katy Grimes

Gov. Jerry Brown Talks; President Donald Trump Does

While America’s new President Donald Trump was busy signing Executive Orders to boost energy independence and jobs in the United States, California Governor Jerry Brown was busy promising upcoming battles with Republican-controlled Washington, and used his 2017 State of the State address to double down on California’s regressive “progressive” policies.

On the heels of revealing faulty budget math that resulted in an additional $1.6 billion budget deficit, Brown dug his heels in today and said “California is not turning back. Not now, not ever.”

Senator Moorlach is Capitol’s Adult

Sycophants in the media often refer to Brown as the only adult in the State Capitol, when compared to the… Read More

Radical Weather Underground protests Trump Inauguration

Last week, like thousands of American patriots from all over the country, couple of hundred from California, friends and I attended festivities and celebrations of democracy during the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC by witnessing the Oath of Office given to our 45th President Donald J. Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence. Most of you, have seen on social media, TV, print news or heard on radio what wen on at our Nation’s capital. To me was an incredible experience, even though I had attended other Inaugurations before, but this one was very special because of the circumstances, negativism, anger that went against our Republican nominee during the entire Presidential campaign, prior to the RNC Convention in Cleveland, OH, in between the November election and throughout his Inauguration.

Now let me share an interesting experience I had, meeting and speaking for almost 20 minutes… Read More

Ray Haynes

Work, Not Registration, Is Destiny

Did you know that, in 1980, Democrats has 80% higher registration in California, 6.04 million Democrats to 3.94 million Republicans. Today, that registration advantage is 60%, 8.7 million Democrats to 5.04 million Republicans. In 1980, Ronald Reagan received 4.52 million votes, 500,000 more than Republican registration. In 2016, Donald Trump received 4.4 million votes, 550,000 fewer than registration. In 1980, Republicans had an active campaign for President. In 2016, they did not.

In 1984, Republicans pulled 800,000 more than registration, and the number of registered Republicans increased by 800,000. Not only were Republicans winning elections on work and principle, they were winning over the voters, increasing registration at historically greater numbers.

Of course, in 1980, there were only 1.4 million voters other than Democrats or Republicans, today, there are 5.64 million (600,000 more than registered Republicans), but why is that?

Before 1990, Republicans typically outperformed registration. No one can contend that Reagan outperformed registration because he was a moderate. He has defined conservatism for a generation. He also defined what… Read More

Jon Coupal


As I write this, it is raining in Sacramento. Pouring, actually. And even though I live about 200 yards from the Sacramento River, I have confidence that the levees within the city limits are in good shape. (As well they should be given that Sacramento’s flood control agency collects millions of dollars from local property owners annually to keep them maintained).

In a word, California is wet. Rain totals and snowpack measurements are the highest we’ve seen in about a decade. But despite the fact that flood gates at major dams throughout the state are now open, levies have been breached and there is serious flooding in both Southern California and the Central Valley, the State Water Resources Control Board refuses to declare the drought over.

As taxpayer advocates in a high tax state, we’re accustomed to seeing a political motivation in most statements coming from government. But this time, we’re not alone. Local water officials gave the State Water Resources Control Board an earful last week about the failure to call the drought over. A representative of the California Water Association, an organization comprised of local water districts, noted that the… Read More

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