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FlashReport Weblog on California Politics

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DeVore Endorses Harkey for 35th

Ending any speculation that he might enter the race himself, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced today that he was supporting Dana Point Councilwoman Diane Harkey for the 35th State Senate seat.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Former HP Prez Fiorina to run for LG?

The latest breaking news on the California political scene is that Carly Fiorina, the former President of Hewett Packard, is seriously considering a run for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor in 2006. In case you don’t have your playcard in front of you, yes, this the same nomination that widely popular and respected State Senator Tom McClintock is running for as well.

My initial analysis is the Fiorina would have to spend an aweful lot of money to build up her ‘name ID’ in the Golden State, and even at that, I think that there is a challenge in trying to build up POSITIVE numbers with an electorate that starts out cynical when you have a wealthy, self-funded candidate coming along.

Now, I will be the first to admit, I do not know much about the politics of Fiorina – she does not have much of a record of political giving, according to searches on the FEC website. I can say that at first-glancem, unlike the affable Steve Poizner, the search did not reveal contributions to Gore, Kerry and the Recount… Read More

Jennifer Nelson

Metrosexual for President?

San Francisco’s metrosexual mayor, Gavin Newsom, traveled to Iowa this weekend to headline at a fundraiser for Democrat state legislators. Newsom, who made national headlines when he allowed gay couples to legally marry in San Francisco, helped the Hawkeye Dems raise $50K over the weekend. Newson’s on-again-off-again wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, was not along for the trip.

Although they have filed for divorce, the two continue to be seen together in public. Guilfoyle Newsom was at his side last week when the mayor hosted Prince Charles and his wife, Camille, at a number of events in San Francisco.Read More

Jon Fleischman

Flying Over Lava

This will be a novel post. I am flying in an eight-passenger twin-prop plane, flying over the active volcano on the south end of the Big Island of Hawai’I. I can see the lava bubbling and splashing around in the crater. Down the volcano are massive pillars of steam where the slow lava flows hit the ocean, heating the water to over 140 degrees farenheit. . In the last 3 months, this island has grown by 15 acres. Not sure of my nexus to California politics, but how often can one file a blog post from 600 feet above an active volcano? Aloha!… Read More

Dan Schnur

Why the Democrats will over-reach

The Democratic victory dance is now entering its sixth day, and like the riots sweeping France’s cities and suburbs, this anger masked as celebration shows no sign of ebbing. The question that preoccupies Sacramento at the moment, now that Schwarzenegger has adopted a conciliatory approach in the aftermath of last week’s election results, is whether the Democratic legislative leadership will accept the governor’s olive branch, or wrap it around his neck.

The original Democratic response, coming from Democrats and all, seemed to contradict itself. Senator Perata, who shows an occasional and fleeting willingness to separate himself from the public employee unions, talked of peace. Assembly Speaker Nunez, better attuned to their wishes, hinted of continued war. A smart bettor would take war and give the points.

In this arena, warfare usually means passing bills designed to embarrass the governor. So rather than cooperation and compromise, the instinct of many of Schwarzenegger’s foes will be to move legislation to his desk that they know he… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Rohrabacher: GOP Congress Must Define Itself – Massive Bonds – aargh. Connerly takes on MI establishment.

U.S. REP ROHRABACHER – CONSERVATIVE VOICE The lead item in today’s FlashReport is an exclusive column from Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. The FlashReport has written a lot lately about the grave economic threat to America by seemingly-unchecked growth in domestic spending in Washington, D.C. (yes, under a Republican President and a Republican Congress). Dana Rohrabacher has been a leader among those conservative members of Congress who believe that the GOP Congress must shrink the size of the bureaucracy, not preside over its growth. With the horrific tragedy of Hurricane Katrina last month, Congress is at a crossroads. Or, as Congressman Rohrabacher puts it, the GOP Congress is going to have to ‘define ourselves’ – the column is a ‘must read’ and you can do that right… Read More

Jason Cabel Roe

(a)Live from Liberia

Well, I’m back from 10 days of limited electricity and no hot water as an international election observer in malaria-infected Liberia. On October 11, Liberia had their first presidential election since the ousting of President Charles Taylor, the former rebel that staged a coup d’etat of former President Samuel Doe…followed by Doe’s mutilation, torture, and murder. The U.S. and other African leaders demanded Taylor’s resignation in 2003 and he now resides in luxurious exile in Nigeria (where I observed the 2003 presidential elections).

None of the 22 candidates standing for election on October 11 received 50% of the vote and while California voters were considering a slew of initiatives, Liberians were choosing between an illiterate former soccer star and a highly-educated longtime public servant. Which brings me to this writing. I really didn’t think I could find a way to make anything about… Read More

Mike Spence

Voting by race??

Los Angeles County is one of those places that regularly holds elections in odd numbered election years. Most of these are school board and water boardelections, but an inceasing number of citieshave consolidated inrecent years.

Adding a special election to the November ballot bringsthree to four times as many voters to the polls than would normally participate. This drives up costs and brings interesting results.

Interestingly enough several Asian-Americanincumbents lost theirelections this November. Did race play a factor? Did high Latino voter turn out have an impact on these low-profile races? See the story here.

The sad fact is race does play a factor in many of these races, whether Asian, Black, Latino etc…

One former Monrovia School Board Member who is white (and of course a liberal)sent an email to friends asking them tocastonly one vote (Bullet Voting) for Clarence Shaw, the only candidate of "non-European" background. Clarence Shaw was the tope vote getter.

Can you imagine the outrage if the email… Read More

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