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Jon Fleischman

GOP AG PRIMARY: Pooch v. Pierre

The race for the GOP nomination for Attorney General is taking on a high profile for not having really started yet. Chuck Poochigian, who has spent many years working for Republican candidate and causes, worked as a senior-level appointee to Governor Wilson, served in the Assembly and currently in the State Senate, has really seen his years of hard work pay off in the form of many endorsements. Of course, this is also CALIFORNIA where the GOP has a big challenge winning statewide office. So with someone as able as Poochigian willing to run, and run hard, its no wonder he has raised big bucks, and really cemented early status as a virtual nominee. Back on October 5, my commentary centered around a San Francisco Chronicle Story that Richard Pierre Prosper, a war-crimes prosecutor in the Bush… Read More

Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt

Can a Nice Guy Finish First (or Second)?

GOP Itching For Another Dem Mayor’s Seat

SAN BERNARDINO — Republicans are looking to take care of business in the City of San Bernardino. That is, despite the fact that the local business community is largely favoring a Democrat Superior Court judge for Mayor on November 8, while fire, law enforcement and other unions are supporting a long-serving, controversial elected city attorney with no current party affiliation. The county party is targeting the Mayor’s race hoping to nudge an underdog Republican Councilman into a February runoff and add to its track record of success in local, "non-partisan" elections.

Chas Kelley, 36, is a Councilman representing the city’s affluent Fifth Ward. An electronics technician married with four children, he’s been a Republican Party activist since he was old enough to vote (he still barely looks old enough to vote). Kelley unseated an incumbent two years ago in a grassroots campaign. Despite the fact that he’ll… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Controversy Grows – Bush ignores CA Special?

President Bush is coming into California to honor Ronald Reagan, and mark the addition of Reagan’s retired Airforce One plane to the Reagan Library’s extensive and tremendous facility. This trip and speech from the President are laudable, and commendable.

But, what should have happenned when the Reagan library event made the Presidential calendar was a call from the WH political operation to Governor Schwarzenegger’s political operation… Maybe the call would be like this: "Hello ‘Murph’ – it’s Karl. We’re going to be in your state right before the Special Election. The President believes strongly in paycheck protection, fair districts, as well as education and fiscal reform. We want to do a fundraising event for your measures while we are there."

Um….that call apparently did NOT take place. Instead, the Republican National… Read More

Are You Going To Go My Way

That’s what the City of Tracy wanted to know from Delta College. The on again, off again love affair between the City of Tracy and Stockton’s Delta Community College dates back to 1999 when the Federal government transferred 150 acres to the City of Tracy for use as an educational business park. But as we all know, land in the Central Valley is plentiful…and towns grow as fast as planners can plan them and developers can build them.

Enter a placed callled Mountain House and a love affair gone sour.

Delta College, along with the Tracy Unified School District, and the City of Tracy once had a vision of providing a seamless education system from kindergarten through college in this soon to be sprawling southern San Joaquin county city. Heck, Delta already had a small cluster of class rooms behind the Tracy Unified Administration building, why not build a satellite campus to relieve the overcrowded Stockton campus?

Unfortunately, Delta’s affair with Tracy was short lived after encountering 36 inch PG& E high pressure gas pipeline and other issues…and… Read More

Boxer to New Hampshire: Drop Dead

The waiting is over. Time to shut down the bandwagon and roll it back into the garage. Sen. Barbara Boxer apparently will not run for president in 2008, according a report in The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper. Boxer deferred to her former in-law, the junior senator from New York (Boxer’s daughter was once married to Tony Rodham, Hillary’s younger brother). "Someone has to stay in the Senate," Boxer told the Times. "And the Senate i s not chopped liver." Or, in Boxer’s case, a load of bologna.… Read More

Mike Spence

Bush Visit Divides GOP

It appears George Bush doesn’t have enough problems with rank and file Republicans over the Miers nomination, government spending and immigration. Now his fundraising visit to California, two weeks before the special electionhas become a source of division. The official CRP spokesperson called the visit "ill-timed." Look for these fights to continue as issues like redistricting reform seperate California’s Republicans from the White House..

Read all about it in Jon Fleichman’s commentary here.

Read More

Party politics, it’s back, just not back-room

The generic images of smoky back-room party politics have not been a realistic depiction (at least not in CA) for decades. While the back-rooms are used for storage now since it’s illegal to smoke in them anyway, party politics is back, with a punch. Parties are getting keen to the idea of weighing at all levels of election politics, including endorsing and spending money on behalf of not just legislative candidates, but local races too. Read more in a column I wrote that was published today in Capitol Weekly.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Boxer Book – Bush’s CA Trip

BOXER’S NEW BOOK Barbara Boxer has two titles now – career politican AND author. That’s right, she has a new book out, entitled "A Time to Run" that is seemingly and interesting read. Apparently the scenario has a liberal female U.S. Senator from California opposing a conservative female appointee to the Supreme Court (shock). Fiction or non-fiction? I’m not really sure. The San Francisco Chronicle’s political writer/analyst has takes a quick peak at the book.

I’m not saying what Carla’s

priorities are here, but she did make it to the ‘racey’ parts of the book, like this excerpt: "… Her shirt was very short, and Josh found himself mesmerized by her pefectly shaped silken legs, with kneecaps that reminded him of golden apples … and her lusterous thighs."

LOL… Read More

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