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Richard Rider

Skepticism: My single most valued trait in a politician

As I’ve mentioned before, perhaps the single most valuable attribute a politician can have is SKEPTICISM. It’s a trait separate from one’s political persuasion. And as rare as hen’s teeth.

Here’s a “tell” that skeptical politicians can use to easily spot bad policy. Like any tell, it’s not infallible, but darn close.

At a legislative meeting, look at how many people in the room favor a proposed law or policy. The more lopsided — and the more populous and boisterous —that side is, the more likely it is special interest legislation that is at odds with the interests of the general public.

EXHIBIT A: When a law involving “bike lanes” (or a similar pro-biking proposal) comes up, the room is FILLED with “bikers.” Some dressed in their spandex uniforms. Most politicians are so impressed with such a turnout that they mistakenly think that… Read More

Katy Grimes

California Swamp: Democrat House Members Hired Muslim Brotherhood Awan Brothers

By Katy Grimes and Doug Haaland

In post – 9/11 America, “If you see something, say something” has become the unofficial slogan of the Department of Homeland Security, with the idea of enlisting American citizens to help identify real terrorism threats. Yet California Democrats in Congress apparently ignored this advisory with their silence, support and promotion of possible terrorists in their own workplace.

The Congressional hacking suspects –… Read More

Richard Rider

A comparison of the relative COL among the 50 states

Below is the best single source I’ve found to compare the relative cost of living (COL) in the 50 states. It uses “100” as the national average, and then rates each state relative to that average.

It’s provided by the state of Missouri — doubtless to highlight the state’s low COL. It’s updated on a quarterly basis. The original research is done by The Council for Community and Economic Research out of Virginia, which seems to have no ax to grind.

Missouri IS good, but not the best. It’s rated 7thbest among the states. Texas is #8.

The WORST state? Surprise! NOTCalifornia. Years ago some isolated islands in the middle of the Pacific somehow gained statehood, and they lay claim to being easily the most expensive state. But then, EVERYTHING has to be imported into Hawaii — except lava and great surf.

Which state is #2? Need you ask??

See the map and chart below. Note the DEGREE of California’s high cost of living. For instance, compared to hated Texas, California has a 50.8% higher cost of living.… Read More

Ray Haynes

Musings on California – 2030 – Part 5 – Should we let California back in?

With the collapse of the California economy, the emigration crisis created by their policies of political oppression and economic strangulation, and the massive government borrowing driven by their policies of the out-of-control welfare state, massive borrowing, and shrinking tax base, political leaders in California last year came back to the federal government to ask for re-admittance into the United States. The debate is heating up this year, and led to this series of articles. I left the political and economic oppression there, and I am convinced that the political structure of California is unrepentant. They are simply looking for a bailout. I paid the excessive taxes in California for years, I don’t want my federal taxes going to bail out an essentially irresponsible governing structure.

There are some who feel sorry for California, who say we should loan them the money necessary pull the state out of its bonding malaise. Of course, a lot of US lenders kept lending money to California as it continued its spending spree, and now its bailout by the feds is the only way for them to recover their money. The government unions will not take a cut in pay or… Read More

Ray Haynes

Musings on California – 2030 – Where were the Republicans?

A lot of people have asked a really salient question, where were the Republicans through all the change and disruption caused by the left in Sacramento? I would like to relate that my party stood up for what was right, sadly, it did not. The Republican political leadership was as responsible for California’s travails as the Democrats.

For a long time, between the Ronald Reagan governorship and the second Jerry Brown governorship, the Republicans were fighters, fighting the Democrats, first with initiatives, including tax and spending reform, through Proposition 13 and Proposition 4, criminal justice reform, with the enactment of 3 strikes and the death penalty, and finally with Proposition 187, a banning of illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits. But beginning with the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a new Republican grew up, one convinced California just didn’t agree with Republicans. It then became only a matter of time until the party collapsed. A number of large donors began advocating a “go along to get along” philosophy in the party, and the political leadership followed their lead.

At the instance of these donors,… Read More

Katy Grimes

Why It Matters That CA Assembly Leaders Mayes and Olsen Had an Affair

While I am a political analyst more comfortable with legislation and policy, occasionally the personal lives of politicians become entangled with politics and even policy. The affair of Republican Assembly Leader Chad Mayes and former Assembly Leader Kristen Olsen is one such situation where personal lives intersected with politics. This is personal and difficult to write about however, it is necessary.

The shamelessness exhibited in politics today is not new. But the current willingness by Republicans to sell out is… Read More

Ray Haynes

Musings on California – 2030 – The Wall

As the violence against dissenters increased, the economic regulations began strangling business, and the systematic elimination of seniors continued unabated, it became harder and harder for people to survive in California. Most were frightened into silence, and as their incomes began to drop, to pay for the ever increasing size of the California government, people began looking for a way out.

That “way” came from the US federal government. Working Californians were highly educated and a net benefit to the economies of the states remaining in the US. To take advantage of this workforce, the US federal government decided to honor the US passports of those who lived in California, as long as those passports remained current. This led to a flood of emigration from California to other states. California’s government, faced with a depleting workforce, and the lack of productivity and tax revenue that followed losing the workforce, passed an “anti-emigration” law. It then attempted to arrest these “illegal” emigrants at the border, and return them to California. The US federal government, however, accepted them all. If a… Read More

Richard Rider

Average San Diego homeowner saves over $680 a MONTH, thanks to Prop 13

NOTE:This is an updated article — using June, 2017 numbers.

It’s an educational (and scary) exercise to consider what our property taxes would be if Prop 13 had NOT passed in 1978 — and no subsequent reforms in property taxes occurred (a fair assumption, given Democrat dominance of the state legislature since 1970).

Most people have forgotten the following aspect: “In 1977, the average property tax rate in California was 2.67 percent.Proposition 13 fixed the rate at 1 percent of the purchase price[plus a 2% annual increase, or the COL, if less]. On top of the 1% is whatever additional rate is approved to cover voter-approved indebtedness, such as bonds. Although the additional rate varies around the state, it generally runs at about one-tenth of 1 percent, setting the overall Proposition 13 rate at 1.1 percent.”— page 1

Actually most people today will find that this article’s outdated “1.1%” property tax rate… Read More

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