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Richard Rider

With the Democrats gaining full control, 2021 will be the Year of the Lemon. But here’s some lemonade I just concocted. Enjoy!

As it becomes apparent that the Democrats will have essentially total control of the federal government (with the MSM serving as the Democratic Party’s unofficialJoseph GoebbelsPropaganda Bureau), there’s bleak news in the coming changes from D.C.

But when I’m served lemons, I try to make some lemonade. It wasn’t easy, but I brewed up a tasty glassful of this beverage.

One new tax that Bidenet alplan to impose is a net 12.4% “Social Security tax” on earned income above $400,000. In truth, it’s just a tax on high wages, with ZERO benefit to those rich folks who pay it. They will not get one penny more in SS benefits.

*** IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE:We already have this policy for higher end wage earners. Undercurrentlaw, the employee and employer each pay a 6.2% SS pension tax (12.4% for theRead More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Respecting an Imperfect System

Publisher’s Note: I’ve specifically placed this column from Tom McClintock at the top of the FlashReport today because this analysis is correct, and shows a deep understanding and respect for the constitution. – Jon

Many Americans still have serious concerns about the integrity of the vote in this election, and rightly so. In-person Election Day voting, with all the safeguards inherent in that system, has been replaced with mass mailing of ballots to every name on voter rolls that may be deceased or have moved, often followed by ballot harvesters to collect the surplus ballots and with no chain of custody.

This new system invites fraud and incubates suspicion of fraud. The many eye-witness accounts in sworn affidavits of ballot tampering and the documented cases of multiple votes, votes by dead people or by non-residents, deserve far more attention than they have received.

Despite the clear and precise language of the Electors Clause of the Constitution — that electors shall be appointed “in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct” — several states changed their… Read More

Richard Rider

If lockdowns reduce COVID-19, why is “open state” Florida doing so much better than CA?

Based on the very latest statistics (1 Jan, 2021), CA has the states’ fourth highest COVID-19 per capita hospitalization rate. More ominous, we have the HIGHEST percent of COVID-19 patients occupying our hospitals (32.9%).

But wait. For months, CA has had among the most stringent lockdown regulations in America. Shouldn’t that Draconian lockdown have resulted in much lower COVID-19 figures for CA compared to the other less restrictive states?

Shouldn’t frequently criticized Florida, which has far fewer mandates, have had worse results? FL has a much older, more vulnerable population than CA — 15% older, on average. FL has a significantly higher populationRead More

Bruce Bialosky

The Truth About Polls

The veracity of the polls done during this last election period has been the subject of much discussion. There have been assertions that some polls were done to suppress the vote. When a well-known pollster was asked about that, the reply was “There was record voting.” The bigger question is whether the polls are impossible to get correct in the current environment. When that was addressed to career professionals, much of what we have been told appeared to be made-up inaccuracies.

If you listened to the talking heads in the closing weeks of the campaign and after election day, they were largely mouthing the same know-nothing comment about the shy Trump voter. When all the talking heads are saying the same thing, it is usually a good time to check out what the facts are with someone who has some knowledge about the matter. That is when I called my friend Ed Sugar who spent 30 years in the industry.

Ed spent his time providing services to business communities. Many political pollsters provide their services to private companies. Mr. Sugar reminded me the industry has radically changed since the time he entered the industry, and it is one of the reasons he… Read More

Tim Coyle

Why Not “Warp Speed” for Housing?

God bless President Trump for launching the Warp Speed program – accelerating the government’s approval of COVID-19 vaccinations. By all accounts, it was a major success. Some even described it as a medical miracle.

To do it, Trump and his team had to ride herd on federal workers, overcoming the one thing the bureaucracy uses to continuously stifle progress: time. Normally, it takes at least five years for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to okay – or not – a vaccine intended for use by the public. This one took less than 10 months. Think of the lives Trump saved – at least four years’ worth.

Even President-Elect Joe Biden lauded the accomplishment. “I credit this Administration with creating this success,” said Biden. He was right to say so. The onset of COVID-19 is a national catastrophe and deserves the leadership and emergency action like that of Trump’s.

And congratulations also go to the private companies that responded to the President’s appeal. Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Astra-Zeneca and newcomer Moderna are businesses that will all have permitted vaccines by around the first of the year, shattering the normal… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

A Feel Good Story to End a Challenging Year

2020 is a year most people would love to erase from the calendar. A worldwide pandemic caused shutdowns and premature deaths. Then there was our year-long contentious national election. Let’s end the year with a story that will bring a smile to your face and possibly a tear to your eye. While it recently came to my attention, it is not new so you may have heard the story. Regardless, it is well worth reading as we launch ourselves into a much brighter 2021.

It is about a poor Mexican American kid who grew up in a Southern California household with 14 family members. He struggled in school and had meager success learning English. He left formal education in the fourth grade and went to work at odd jobs and on farms for years. Then he had a chance to get a job that was a step up.

His wife had to fill out the application because of his weak English skills. He got a janitorial position and a big pay boost to $4 per hour (this was back in 1970’s). His grandfather understood something I taught my children as young adults. No matter what job you are doing be the best at it. Be proud of the job you do. His grandfather told him “Make sure that floor shines. And let… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

A Massive Wealth Transfer That’s Either Inadequate or Unnecessary

Remarks in Opposition to H.R. 9051,December 28, 2020:

Mr. Speaker:

Let’s get this straight: the small shopkeeper who’s just lost their entire savings because of the lockdowns will get the same $2,000 grant as the government bureaucrat who’s been enjoying a steady paycheck at home for the past ten months.

This money is whollyinadequatefor those who have been harmed by the lockdowns and whollyunnecessaryfor those who have not. And this free money doesn’t come from heaven — it comes from the future earnings of those who will be struggling to get back on their feet – making the post-lockdown recovery more difficult and prolonged.

Much of the burden of this debt will fall on the young, who have already borne the brunt of the lockdowns. It is in a very real sense, a massive wealth transfer from the future to the present, from the young to the old and from those who have been hurt by the lockdowns to those who have not.

There’s only one way to end the suffering caused by the lockdowns. END THEM.

House Floor Remarks delivered December 28th,Read More

Richard Rider

How we geezers (my wife and I) lessen the risks when we have home visitors

COVID-19 is a dangerous if somewhat overblown threat — especially lethal to those over age 60. As geezers, my wife and I (mid-70’s) have decided that we want to see our kids and young grandkids every couple of months in our home.

They stay overnight. Usually 2-3 nights each visit. My wife and I are functional, active senior adults with all our marbles. We are in reasonably good (far from perfect!) health who fully understand the very real risk to us both. And it DOES scare us.

There are steps that we take to significantly reduce the risk. But the risk remains. Here’s what we do:

We have a “whole house fan” that can draw air from outside and then blow it out through the attic. On full blast, it’s like being outside. Even at a lower speed, it still provides a healthy flow of fresh air. Originally installed to reduce A/C costs (cutting our A/C bills by about 85%), we find it’s a wise option to employ during this pandemic. Tough to use in winter, but we live in a temperate climate and dress for the discomfort when it’s … Read More

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