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Katy Grimes

California’s War Against Its Own Citizens

California is out of control. Not only did our politicians immediately declare war on Donald Trump the moment he was elected, they also declared war on the people of the state.

In our recent book,California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins, Who Loses?my co-author Jim Lacy and I detail California’s decline and how it can rebound.

A quick scan of statewide headlines reveals a great deal about California’s war on the people, by the state’s elite political class and the Democratic left.… Read More

Katy Grimes

Kavanaugh Hearings: Hysterical Barking Shrews Must Be Prosecuted

The hysterics the past few weeks has indeed not weathered well on America’s so-called feminists who demonstrated once again that they allow feelings to rule over rational thought and logic, in their devotion of Alynski “means-to-an-end” tactics.

In their attempt to run SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh out of Dodgeby protesting his confirmation hearings, their antics have shown just how ridiculous, nonsensical and preposterous they are.

Ironically, they are using “female hysteria” to get away with their anarchy… but it’s just not fooling anyone. During the Victorian era, “female hysteria” was a common medical diagnosis in women. “Galen, a prominent physician from the second century, wrote that hysteria was a disease caused by deprivation in particularly passionate women: hysteria was quite often in virgins, nuns, widows and, rarely, in married women,”… Read More

Katy Grimes

Why is PG&E ‘Clear-Cutting’ City Parks and Private Property?

In addition to the increase in lobbying and money lavished on California lawmakers as they were preparing to vote on a bill to limit Pacific, Gas & Electric’s financial liability in the California wildfires, PG&E has also stepped up its advertising, focusing on all they are doing to prevent future wildfires by cutting trees and bushes around power lines, and cleaning out brush. They are advertising on radio and television about howthe company is setting up special services to deal with weather forecasting and first-responder communications.

It surely makes many wonder why California… Read More

Katy Grimes

Sacramento’s Measure U Tax Increase is a Slush Fund For Greedy Politicians

Sacramento voters are once again faced with tax increases on the November ballot because Mayor Darrell Steinberg and most of the members of City Council can’t or won’t be honest about their gross spending and particular taste for other people’s money.

So here we are again, solving Sacramento’s latest budget/spending crisis with hefty tax increases – a skill Steinberg honed while in the State Legislature.

Sacramento city revenues are more than $120 million up from 2010, and up 16 percent in just the past two years.… Read More

Richard Rider

The new state “business tax climate” rankings are out. Uh oh.

In the states’ race to the bottom, California is always one of the front-runners. Such is the case once again in the latest Tax Foundation survey, ranking the states’ “business tax climate.”

Sadly, this past year we’ve moved from our dismal 48th rank down to 49th. Or up to 2nd, if you think of it as a race. CA is now worse than corrupt New York. We are closing in on the “champ” — Tony Soprano’s New Jersey.

This Tax Foundation survey of the business TAX climate is based exclusively on the five big state taxes:

Corporate income tax Individual income tax Sales tax Property Tax Unemployment Insurance Tax

So to be fair, let’s stipulate that the survey does NOT include other important factors affecting the overall business climate of a state. So CA may not be 49th. It may be — uh . . . er . . . .

For instance, California in 2017 was rated the “2nd worst state judicial hellhole” in U.S. – better than only Florida.… Read More

Katy Grimes

Thousands of Faithful Catholics Halt Donations, & Petition To Return Fr. Leatherby To Ministry

What is the matter with leaders in the Catholic Church who refuse to listen to clergy sex abuse victims, as well as whistleblower priests who report sex abuse? Instead, they illegally bury the reports of misconduct, order others to do so, and punish good priests who refuse to also act illegally.

The evil corruption in the “holy” men who cover up heinous abuses and then turn on the good holy priests who expose these abuses is so deep, they force the whistleblower priests into mental institutions for lengthy psychological evaluations.

To this end, more than 1,000 people have signed a petition in support of Sacramento, California priest, Fr. Jeremy Leatherby, who they believe is being unfairly punished by Bishop Jaime Soto.Many of his parishioners believe their… Read More

Katy Grimes

It’s Time to Shut Down The Corrupt California Ag Labor Board

Tuesday September 18, 2018 was the day in which the Gerawan Farming workers’ ballots from 2013 were finally counted after being impounded and locked up for five years by theCalifornia Agricultural Labor Relations Board. Overwhelmingly the workers elected to decertify the United Farm Workers labor union from their workplace: 1,098 for “No Union,” and 197 for the UFW.

Thursday, that the California Agricultural Labor RelationsRead More

Richard Rider

What constitutes a credible #MeToo scandal?

When are #MeToo accusations credible? Absent specific evidence, such accusations have to be viewed in the context of who is being accused, and who is doing the accusing — considering possible ulterior motives.

In CA, over 140 women who worked in the state capitol came forward to accuse state legislators of sexual abuse. As many as 97% of the complaints were against Democrat legislators, or their senior staff (a fact the MSM studiously avoided reporting).But more important, almost all the complaints came from DEMOCRAT women who worked for these predators. For a Democrat woman to come forward with such inflammatory accusations against their bosses — whose agendas the women strongly agreed with — put these ladies’ future employment in Sacramento at severeRead More

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