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Bruce Bialosky

Our Failed Medical Establishment

Our country has long known that our established medical oversight operations were a failure. The FDA suffers from bureaucratic inertness. We finally as a nation passed a Right-to-Try law, which returns control of medical decisions back to the doctor and patient instead of a spiritless administration. Faced with an international pandemic, we have now seen the costs associated with our disastrous medical oversight.

I previously published a column (see here) questioning the wisdom of our elected leaders regarding enforcement of vaccine mandates. The column addressed two issues: 1) Determining what punishment a public employee incurs from not getting vaccinated; and 2) Why is there no acknowledgement of natural immunity.

The day before that column published, I received a weekly update from a Los Angeles County Supervisor. Two supervisors were proposing the same policies as President Biden had for our national employees. Los Angeles County has been and continues to be on the forefront of enforcing strict mandates regarding COVID matters. You are required… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

It is Enough Time; Biden Presidency is a Disaster

We were told if we dumped the existing President and elected his opponent life would return to normalcy. The opponent was an experienced foreign policy person, and he would be a salve for the wounds of our angry allies. He would bring our domestic situation back to normal. This was all told to us by his friends in the MSM and his allies like Nancy, Chuck and Kammy, because he was holed up in his Delaware bunker emerging to utter a statement and slink back into darkness. Now we are paying the price for buying the proverbial “pig in a poke.” President Biden is a disaster of immense proportions.

Start with the utterly unbelievable realization that France — our oldest ally in the world and still a significant country in today’s world — withdrew their U.S. ambassador in protest of the Biden government’s actions. As pathetic as you may have thought the last President, he never had such a diplomatic failing. In fact, I cannot remember such a failing during my lifetime. How bad a screwup one must be to have France withdraw their ambassador to our country. And over something that could have easily been managed in a definitively better manner.

The… Read More

Richard Rider

Newsom recall cost taxpayers FIVE times more than Davis 2003 recall. Why?

The press and our Democrat politicians are making a big deal about how expensive this recall election was. Estimates are that it cost state and local governments over $300 million. And that IS a lot of taxpayer money.

But as I like to put it, the unofficial progressive slogan is “Don’t Look Back.” Not being a progressive, I’ll ignore that admonition.

Here’s my (edited) response to a liberal critic of mine — after he cited the expensive cost of the failed Newsom recall election:

It’s WONDERFUL to read that you’ve suddenly become concerned about the cost of government. Seldom do we get that complaint from a progressive. Upon reflection, perhaps you shouldn’t have brought it up. The total state and local taxpayercosts for the 2003 Gray Davis recall election ranged from $53 million to $66 million.

Why did this 2021 Gavin Newsom $300+ million recall election cost taxpayers five times more than the Gray Davis recall only 18Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Afghan Aftermath

Even though we may all be thoroughly sick of discussing the Afghanistan situation, there is a subject worthy of analysis. It doesn’t involve the departure which was a disaster of epic proportions that was executed by our dullard of a President with obvious diminished capacity and rests entirely and completely on his shoulders and the inept team that surrounds him. The discussion that needs to be had is whether we should have left there in the first place.

During the effort over a prolonged period by two separate presidents, I maintained the same position concerning complete withdrawal from the hellhole known as Afghanistan. When someone addressed the issue to me, I asserted there were strong arguments on both sides. That is an unusual position for me to take because on its face it appears wishy-washy. Very occasionally, there are circumstances that have fine arguments on both sides.

My secondary reaction after the departure engineered by our current President, with the appearance he wanted to humiliate and diminish our country, was we would have to wait two to three years to be able to objectively conclude whether it was proper to pull all our troops from the… Read More

Richard Rider

CA is now a PERMANENT blue state — for reasons few will understand

Gavin Newsom’s lopsided victory was NOT the result of voter fraud. There was no NEED for voter fraud, though some doubtless occurred.

Instead, the Democrats have stumbled across the LEGAL way to keep California voting Democrat — forever. It’s really simple:

1. Mail everyone a ballot. Previously one had to REQUEST a mail ballot. Automatic ballot mailings will become permanent in CA. Abill to send ALL registered CA voters a mail ballot EVERY election has already been passed by the CA state rubber stamp legislature. It is currently on Newsom’s desk.

2. The return postage on the ballot was paid by the taxpayers. Previously the voter had to put the stamp on the envelope — something that the young and low interest voters usually wouldn’t do.

3. Ballot harvesting is legal and encouraged in the Golden State.

The key to a functional democracy is an informed electorate. In this election, the average IQ of voters dropped 10 points or more. A more uninformed and MISinformed electorate is hard to… Read More

Ray Haynes

I Call Voter Fraud…And I Have Proof!!!!

This claim of voter fraud is NOT one that the mainstream media can dismiss with a “Ray Haynes pushes discredited claims of voter fraud…” or “Ray Haynes perpetuates false and insane claims that there was cheating in this election…” or “Crazy Ray Haynes spreads Nutty Voter Fraud theories…” like they do with everyone who has some credible proof of illegal voting actions. NOPE, not this one, my proof comes directly out of the mouths of Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom and the mainstream media itself.

I began to suspect that fraud on Monday when President Biden showed up in California and said “You have to vote no on the recall or you will end up with Donald Trump as your Governor…” Try as I may, I don’t remember seeing Donald Trump on my ballot. That’s too bad, because I wouldn’t mind him as the Governor, but he just wasn’t there. Then, yesterday, at his victory speech, our Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian in Charge (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom announced “We defeated Trump, but Trumpism is not dead…” I looked at the returns and sure enough, Trump was defeated, he didn’t… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Biden’s Lawlessness Runs Deep

People were upset when Uncle Joe decided to extend the renters’ moratorium despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against that extension and his own statements questioning the legality. His acts of lawlessness are just the most visible of the questionable activities so far within his administration. His lower-level appointees are following his lead and running roughshod over our governmental structure.

The United States government has an avalanche of bureaus and commissions. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is one of those. It was established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to enforce civil rights law against workplace discrimination. The Commission is run by a five-member commission. The terms run for five years and are appointed by the incumbent U.S. president.

President Biden did two things regarding this commission. He took the unusual step of firing the counsel to the commission who was appointed for a four-year term. Then he appointed a new chair to the commission, Charlotte A. Burrows. Despite his changes the commission still had a Republican majority of 3-2. All policy changes have a process that runs through the commission. That was not… Read More

Ray Haynes

Will California Choose Freedom or Arrogance?

We are about a week away from the recall, and it is too close to call at this moment. That is actually good news for California.

If someone had asked me a year ago, I would have said the recall is an exercise in futility. California is too lost. Its leadership is too far gone, and, unfortunately, too reflective of the people of the state of California. We deserve the government we get, and the people of the state of California have shown that they deserve a government that puts the the health and safety of its citizens at risk by letting dangerous criminals out of jail, locks law-abiding citizens in their home claiming to protect their health and safety, takes as much money as it can out of the pockets of its hard working citizens claiming it has compassion for people who refuse to work, pays those who enter this country illegally from the pockets of its citizens, and then seeks to force those citizens to get vaccinations while failing to assure those who have entered the country illegally are disease free. And the citizens of this state buy all of that, either because they personally profit from the system (like the government unions), or they “hate the… Read More

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