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Duane Dichiara

Will the “Small Business Association” Remove their Endorsement of Fletcher?

You may remember some time ago I posted a blog here on the “California Small Business Association” – an entity which year after year awards great kudos to anti-small business Democrats (and, justifiably they give kudos to Republican members who actually vote to help small businesses. That way, you see, the anti-business candidates can send out mail to voters claiming small business credentials when in fact they vote time and time again against the average small business owner. Note that after my last post there was much complaining by them to GOP leaders that they really didn’t mean to mislead people and that they would be better in the future.

Well, it’s the future. A short time ago the CSBA endorsed Nathan Fletcher for Mayor of San Diego. OK… maybe they just didn’t do their homework about the “New Nathan Fletcher”. I can help. Here is his labor council survey. It’s pretty easy to read – Fletcher is no friend to small business or any business for that matter. CSBA President Betty Jo Toccoli I invite you to read it. I would hope that you and your organization would do the right thing and recant your endorsement immediately. I’ve already emailed you twice on the matter so I hope this gets your attention.

Look for part 2 on this post: hint it will either congratulate the CSBA for doing the right thing, or let you know who pays for the organization so you can express your displeasure.