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John Hrabe

John Hrabe
John Hrabe is a writer and communications strategist, who has covered stories in Port-au-Prince, London and Seoul. In between international flights, John finds time to report on California and national politics for, Flash Report, Huffington Post and the editorial pages of the Orange County Register. In 2007, John was appointed to a Career Executive Assignment, the state’s highest level of managerial service, at California’s sales tax agency. While John worked at the Board of Equalization, he helped recover more than $38 million in tax deposits illegally withheld from thousands of small businesses. Hrabe has experience managing media outreach for local, state and federal political campaigns, public relations clients, and new media start-ups. He's spent time in Sacramento as a press aide to four state legislators. Recently, John completed a graduate fellowship at the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy. He has also been selected as a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute. A proud community college graduate, John has Master’s degrees in Global Media and Communication from the London School of Economics and University of Southern California. As an undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach, John and his debate partner were ranked the top parliamentary debate team in the country.

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