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Mike Spence

Why not both?

Don’t get me wrong I’m still ticked at pollsters. One other political story caught my eye.

However,one other political item caught my attention. Liberal Democrats always try to limit our opportunities, while Republicans are the party of Hope and Opportunity.

Liberals just don’t know how to reach Conservatives.When I read an account of the Breasts not Bombs" protest in Sacramento yesterday. Read it here.

I just don’t get why we have to limit ourselves so? Why not both?… Read More

Don’t kill the messenger

My good friend and fellow FR contributor Mike Spence has suggested each of us in the arena of public opinion should find ourselves in the fiery depths of whatever afterlife awaits evil researchers.

While I may take issue with the methodology used by many of the pollsters that have released results this cycle and I will talk more about this in an election analysis piece in the near future, the bottom line is, we are researchers. We just call it like we see it. If you want to blame someone, how about the media for blindly publishing our work product.

NOTE: I mean no disrespect to the various news outlets that publish and broadcast my results after careful consideration.Read More

Jon Fleischman

Clarey out – Arnold’s Advisors Seek New COS

I have found in this world of ‘breaking news’ that you have to make a judgement call on when something is ‘rumor’ and when it is ‘fact’. My general principle is the ‘rule of 6’ – if I hear a rumor and can find six credible sources that can confirm this rumor, even off of the record, then I feel comfortable going forward… While I had been hearing this story for a few days, last night – the ‘rule of 6’ kicked into effect — so here is what I’ve heard: SCHWARZENEGGER TO PICK NEW CHIEF OF STAFF Since his election as Governor, Patricia Clarey has served honorably as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chief of Staff. Her pick was a surprise to some that assumed the Governor would pick someone with a higher profile. Clarey, as a Deputy Chief of Staff to former Governor Pete Wilson, had always kept a lower profile in that administration. One can only imagine the challenge and stress that… Read More

Dan Schnur

Schwarzenegger’s re-election campaign

The second-guessing and backseat driving has now hit epidemic proportions, as every pundit, political science professor, and columnist in the state has begun to explain exactly why the Schwarzenegger reform effort has failed. Nowhere has that criticism been more intense than among the ranks of Republican campaign consultants who are not affiliated with the governor’s committees. And while I have certainly not avoided the opportunities offered by an always-willing news media to offer my thoughts as well, at least today it may make sense to worry less about what has happened and begin to think about what comes next.

I have previously written that Schwarzenegger can plausibly claim victory if he passes either Proposition 77 or 75, on the grounds that he will be able to argue that at least he has opened the door for further reform by achieving either the redistricting reform or paycheck protection that those two initiatives offer. If one or the other passes, there’s a good chance he pulls Prop 74 across the finish line as well,… Read More

Jon Fleischman

A tale of two Toms – Campbell and McClintock

Last night, I enjoyed watching a forum, put on by ABC television, on the ballot propostions that will appear on tomorrow’s ballot. The participants in the forum were Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi (D), Controller Steve Westly (D), Attorney General Bill Lockyer (D), LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo (D), State Senator Tom McClintock (R), State Assemblyman Keith Richman ("R), and State Finance Director (on leave) Tom Campbell (R). Four Democrats and three Republicans (if you include Richman, who is iffy).

Hats off to ABC for putting on the program. Their moderators, Pete Wilson (no relation) and Marc Brown did a fine job. As someone who is actually pretty familiar with the measures (nothing like going out and speaking on these measures as an incentive to really understand them), I was more looking for interesting dynamics from the panelists. Boy did I get what I was NOT looking for, towards the end of the show.

STARK CONTRAST: CAMPBELL vs. MCCLINTOCK Moderator Pete Wilson, when talking about Proposition 73, the Parental Notification… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Sometimes a picture says it all…

Read More

Jon Fleischman

Migden gives up her Gavel…for now!

Anthony York over at Capitol Weekly is reporting this afternoon that State Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Carole Migden is ‘temporarily’ stepping aside from her influencial post. Her stated reason, according to this piece by York, is to get more involved with the Westly for Governor Campaign.

The real question is whether Westly wants her that involved. You see, Migden is notorious for her inability to hold on to key staff members — she just isn’t a kind boss. Well, we’ll see how this all shakes out.

Of course, everyone remembers this now-infamous controversy when Migden reached over and cast an "AYE" vote (my button) of a GOP Assemblymember.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Bob Novak’s Predictions…

Bob Novak’s Weekly Political Report has a section today where he makes his predictions on Ballot Measure Mania across America…

Here is what he has to say:

California: The special recall election that brought Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) to power in 2003 was the clearest demonstration to date that all public polling in California is basically worthless. Polls on Schwarzenegger’s slate of ballot propositions yield such wildly different results — one proposition approaches two-thirds support in one poll and fails miserably in others — that we will ignore them completely. We anticipate, first of all, that non-partisan redistricting (Prop 77) and state spending caps (… Read More

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