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Dan Schnur

Who’s advising Steve Poizner?

The late Lee Atwater used to say that a candidate must be the Ulysses of his own campaign. “Tie me to my mast,” Lee imagined the politician saying to his crew. “Help me avoid those sirens.”

Lee’s point wasn’t that candidates aren’t smart and/or politically savvy. Rather, he believed that no matter how talented many candidates might be, they lack the perspective to effectively oversee their own campaign. It’s too easy to get too emotionally involved when it’s your own name on the bumper sticker, so having a person or persons around with slightly more emotional distance is almost always a good idea. But the key is picking the right people.

Which brings us to Steve Poizner. Steve is a smart, talented individual with a genuine commitment to public service. He is also worth about five zillion dollars and has demonstrated a willingness to spend his money on behalf of political causes that are important to him. He may be more centrist than many of the readers of this website (then again, so am I). But he’s definitely the type of person who we need more of in politics.

Poizner’s first… Read More

Duane Dichiara

San Diego Board of Supervisors

For at least a decade, the San Diego Board of Supervisors has been an exclusive club – Republican registration "required" for membership. The process of appointing mid-term vacancies rather than electing them has given appointed Republicans enormous electoral advantages in majority Democrat districts. Thus there is much speculation and interest in the fact that Supervisor Ron Roberts has interviewed for the executive position at the Centre City Development Corporation. Roberts’ seat includes much of the heart of the City of San Diego, including most of the African American, Filipino, gay, and working class white neighborhoods. Registration stands at 119,000 Democrat, 76,000 Republican, 61,000 DTS, and 14,000 other. Widespread rumor has Democrat Acting-Mayor Tony Atkins (essentially the Mayor after the resignation of Republican Mayor Dick Murphy until the new Mayor is elected in the November Special Election) exploring the possibility of appointment or election to the seat if Roberts resigns to accept the CCDC position. Atkins, a lesbian who inherited… Read More

Jon Fleischman

CRP Winners & Losers – and More!

The Big Winner Is… As is my tradition, in the weeks after a State Republican Party Convention, I publish a column on who I think "won" and who "lost" at the convention. There is no doubt who the BIG WINNER was at this year’s convention. Come on… You can guess…. Alright, tired of guessing? Read it here: Winners & Losers.

Whalen in the Standard FR Bay Area Blogger Bill Whalen has penned an excellent column in the Weekly Standard today, called "The Governator V" — you should definately check it out here if you haven’t read it already. Easy Call For Local Government – YES on 76 The Governor made his pitch to the California League of Cities yesterday, as to why they… Read More

Mike Spence

Dreier’s Smooth Move on Illegal Immigration

It is no secret that Congressman David Dreier has been on the hot seat concerning Illegal Immigration. From John and Ken and other talk show hosts to Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley’s anger over his most recent bill. (See my last blog entry) David Dreier has just sent a letter to registered Republicans asking for signatureson the California Border Police Initiative authored by Assemblyman Ray Haynes. I like the "We must stop illegal immigration." part.See it here.

Of course Dreier could use his influence in Congress to pass bills restricting illegal immigration, especially the ones he introduces or spend a small portion of his over $2 million dollars in campaign fundstoRead More

Jon Fleischman

Whalen’s Golden Pen!

FlashReport Weblog’s Bay Area Correspondent has a great column in today’s Weekly Standard. It begins:

The Governator V Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to the people in his most exciting sequel yet! by Bill Whalen – Weekly Standard 10/07/2005 12:00:00 AM

IF THERE IS A CONSTANT in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s overlapping careers as film and political star, it would be his ability to choose the right foil to play the bad guy.

On the big screen, Schwarzenegger… Read More

Jon Fleischman


CALIFORNIA YAF LETTER I have no idea whether this fellow, Pierre Richard Prosper, is even really looking at running for State Attorney General. It was reported yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle that he is considering a run. But that hasn’t stopped Chairman of the state’s preeminent conservative youth organization, Young Americans for Freedom, from sending out an e-mail firing a ‘warning shot’ across the bow — conservatives are pleased with Poochigian as a candidate. You can read Powers’ letter below. 200 AT $100,000+ That’s how many staff members of the California legislature are making six digit salaries according to today’s issue of Capitol Weekly magazine. CW publishes on Thursday’s, and they make a lot of their content available online. You should check them out – I link to many of their news stories and columns each week (check out the news links today). I will disclose… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Turnabout is fair play!

I find it hard to muster up sympathy for the big wigs in the entertainment business when the are hit with ‘labor actions’ by their unions. After all, how many millions upon millions have been donated by the Hollywood ‘elite’ towards the liberal candidates and causes that have empowered these unions? Somehow there is some sort of justice in the Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 16, being the subject of a complaint by San Francisco’s LucasFilm. While you are busy crying for poor George Lucas, you can read about it here.… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

“Enemies of Reform” Tour Continues

The Governor was in Fresno yesterday, and for the 43rd straight time, members of our Lincoln Club were not summoned to go out into the masses and defend his agenda. That aside, it was good to see him out with the people again at the Fresno County Fair. There were a “few enemies of reform” ** following him with “For Sale” signs but they were generally pretty orderly. The Governor, as reported in the Fresno Bee, was in Fresno to receive the California State Farm Bureau’s endorsement of his upcoming special election issues. Responding to the Governor’s visit, “enemy of reform” spokesperson Steve Maviglio (of Gray Davis fame) said that “Clearly, he’s on the side of corporate interests in just about every field…”. Of course Steve, corporate interests are EMPLOYING your union members and providing the tax base for your monstrous spending schemes every year. The Governor did a great job yesterday and if he continues to go out into the masses of people, flanked by supporters who will defend his agenda ***, and define his opponents as “enemies of reform” he will win in November, even being outspent… Read More

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