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Katy Grimes

Former President Obama and his Paid Thugs Trying to Topple Trump

The violent thugs who disrupted Rep. Tom McClintock’srecent town hall meetingin Roseville, CA were clearly organized and had a plan. There was nothing organic about that town hall riot, or any of the other town hall meetings held by Congressional Republicans around the country, ending in violent protests.

“From California to Florida, liberal activists are bringing the fight to the doorsteps of GOP lawmakers, marching on the streets of their hometowns and making legislators’ lives miserable as they attend meetings and town halls with constituents,”The Hillrecently wrote. “Hundreds of protesters lined the streets of downtown… Read More

Ron Nehring

Conservatives: Acclaimed Leadership Institute Campaign Academy returning to Southern California

Citing the importance of getting conservative candidates, operatives and activists the training needed to win on the political battlefield, the Leadership Institute is bringing its comprehensive Campaign Academy to back to San Diego County for a five month program that kicks off on March 23.

Learning the skills involved to effectively organize and communicate in a winning campaign can’t be done in just one weekend “campaign bootcamp,” so the Leadership Institute developed a program that provides in-depth training and exercises in a program that takes place one Saturday each month for four months beginning in March. Each session is focused on a specific area of campaigns: strategy, communications, candidate development, fundraising and voter contact. The program is taught by national and California faculty members who are… Read More

Katy Grimes

CA Dams Crumble While Politicians Fiddle in Nonsense

California Legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown think their job is to stay in power, and that bills to further their leftist agenda are the vehicles. The Oroville Dam spillway breakage is proof of this.

While Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats have prioritized illegal aliens, refugee, inmate sex change operations, building houses for the homeless, transgender bathrooms, climate change awareness, and hiring Eric Holder to undermine the Trump administration, the Oroville Dam was crumbling. And they knew it. The San Jose Mercury News reported the California Department of Water Resources and 27 water agencies ignored serious warnings 12 years ago because they did not want to incur the extra costs. So they said the repairs were unnecessary.

Thanks to record winter storms, the Oroville Dam (north of Sacramento) is nearly full. However, water levels were nearing the top of the dam by last Friday. State authorities and engineers on Thursday began releasing water from the dam after noticing that large chunks of concrete were missing from a… Read More

Richard Rider

An Irvine company – AutoAlert – is moving to Missouri. 300 jobs will be lost.

I’m not sure I should even bother to continue posting businesses departing California. It’s not news.

I KNOW it’s not news, because it’s seldom mentioned in the Golden State MSM outlets. If it WERE news, surely they’d be highlighting such businesses fleeing California.

Well, on the off chance that FlashReport readers MIGHT be interested in such depressing stories, here’s the latest one from the Business Relocation Coach. It’s about a company moving its HQ (and 300 future jobs) from Irvine to (of all places), Kansas City, MO. And they are fleeing quickly — they hope to complete the HQ relocation by the end of THIS spring.

Here’s the full story.


Friday, February 10,Read More

Richard Rider

Why other states’ tech cities will gradually eat our lunch

Want to see why people are fleeing CA for less expensive states — even some folks with full-time quality CA jobs? This website is a good way of comparing cities’ COL across the nation.

Below I’ve compared a tech job paying $100K in San Diego with what is needed to be better off in tech-oriented Austin, Texas — where the COL is higher than almost all of the rest of the Lone Star State.

If you can make more than $66,739 in Austin, you’ll experience a superior standard of living than if you make $100K in San Diego. Salaries in Austin are only 9.2% less than San Diego. Hence from a monetary standpoint, Texas beckons.

I might add that this comparison probably UNDERSTATES the effect of the CA state income tax — for upper middle income and the well-to-do. Conversely it probably somewhat OVERstates the CA state income tax effect for people making less than about $80K per family. That’s because such an analysis probably can’t deal with the progressive nature of state income tax rates — doubtless opting for an AVERAGE effect.… Read More

Katy Grimes

Sac Bee Fishwives Troll Rep. Tom McClintock. Again.

The harpy fishwives on the Sacramento Bee editorial board, and shameless editorial boor Dan Morain, wrote an editorial Monday disputing the nature of the protest outside Republican Rep. Tom McClintock’s Townhall meeting held on Saturday in Roseville (“That’s not anarchy, Rep. McClintock, it’s democracy,” Feb. 6, 2017).

McClintock described the large crowd of protestors as “anarchists” who had gathered to “disrupt” his meeting – which is exactly what happened. But the Bee fishwives said, “only if by “anarchists’ you mean ‘neighbors and grandparents.’” The fishwives and especially Morain, have been… Read More

Katy Grimes

California Lawmakers Flaunting Sanctuary State

California Democrats are rushing a bill through to restrict local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities on criminal illegal aliens. Why? Out of little or no concern for the welfare of immigrants, most say illegal immigrants are the Left’s most reliable voting bloc, especially in California where illegal aliens can obtain a drivers license and vote.

In a Fox News interview regarding Sanctuary cities in California and the recent riots at University of California, Berkeley, president Donald J. Trump warned over the weekend, “If we have to, we’ll defund. We give tremendous amounts of money to California.”

Voters Don’t Want Sanctuary Cities; Politicians Do

Despite a University of California, Berkeley… Read More

Ray Haynes

Rediscovering States’ Rights

Democrats used to be the party of states’ rights. They used the principle to justify slavery and Jim Crow (they were always the party of racial division, except that back in the 19th Century and the first part of the 20th Century, their preferred race was white people), but at least they believed in states’ rights.’

I believe in states’ rights. I believe that states are sovereign entities, and, as the 10th Amendment says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In my time in the Legislature, I fought two specific federal mandates. The first, the federal government used to require states to treat alcoholics and drug addicts as disabled for the purpose of social security payments. What that meant in practice is, if the state didn’t want to pay social security payments to drug addicts and alcoholics, the federal government would cut off federal payments for ALL social security recipients, including seniors and the “really” disabled, like folks in wheel chairs.

I thought the state should… Read More

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