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Bruce Bialosky

Trump Tax Returns

It was entertaining to see the House Ways and Means Committee go through gyrations of why they thought it necessary to obtain Mr. Trump’s tax returns and then their justification for releasing said tax returns to the American public. We know there was at least one overriding reason. The Democrats hate the man and will do anything to tarnish his image. The entire matter is quite humorous while displaying the lengths to which these people will go to concoct things to justify what they do. “The American people need to know,” was the reason given when the tax returns were released to the public. Karen McAfee, the top committee staff person, was unable to enunciate a rationale for releasing the returns and provided the non sequitur “to make sure that the audits start on time.” Enough with the Committee’s malicious malfeasance. Mind you almost no one other than people like myself (a CPA) can decipher tax returns even when they are 30-50 pages long. Why would anyone spend their time looking at a 500-page return? I have clients with twenty investment entities (K-1s). Mr. Trump has roughly 400 investment entities. These returns are nearly impossible to… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Dump Trump

Did you ever have a friend that is always a challenge with whom to deal? At times you know why you are friends. But then there is simply too much drama. Every conversation with this friend includes some form of hysteria in their life. Just when you think things have settled down, a new tumultuous event happens. You finally conclude that no matter what you once thought about this person, there is just too much agony to continue the relationship. That is Donald Trump and that is why he cannot be the Republican nominee. Sure, some of the drama around Trump is maliciously created by his political enemies. But too much is self-inflicted. A client recently called with a referral for me. While on the call, I did an internet search of the potential client and included that in the discussion.

I had no idea who Nick Fuentes was before he had an impromptu dinner with President Trump. But I certainly would have known who and what he was before I met with him. This is a perfect example of how irresponsible Trump can be. Kanye West just showed up with a friend and he has a sit down with a former president. If Trump can’t… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

An Attempt at a Civil Debate

After a person shot up a Colorado nightclub frequented principally by LGBTQ people, fingers started pointing. The immediate reaction from the Left of Center crowd was to blame Republicans and rhetorical leaders on whom they rely. Many tied this incident to the deranged person in the Paul Pelosi incident. Someone I have known for many years did just that on an Instagram post. That is when I started a discussion as to why that posting had been done. I wrote to that person, “I am often fascinated when people want to attribute the actions of mentally ill people to a political philosophy. This particular nutcase (in Colorado) tried to kill his mother last year. Seems like someone not driven by any particular brand of hate. Why he went into this nightclub is not worth exploring. He was a sick person who needed to be institutionalized. We should not be debating his motive. Or pointing fingers. “ The person wrote back, “If you close your eyes, turn your head, and plug your ears long enough, you’ll never see what you don’t want to see.” “’Not worthy of exploring’ and ‘We should not be debating his motive’ is what someone says… Read More

Richard Rider

For most, SS is a surprisingly good deal — if we ignore the doomed nature of this Ponzi scheme

2021 figures – compiled by Richard Rider using OpenAI technology

Social Security calculations, including the “bend points”

At what level does your social security (SS) contributions no longer earn you more benefits? In 2021, that annual figure was $117,040.Any SS payments you and your employer paid on income above that amount (up to the $142,800 in 2021) will not earn you a penny more in social security benefits. But almost NO ONE knows about this rip-off of the upper middle class. Most people think that SS is a bad deal for the worker. But for most, SS is arguably a good to GREAT deal – IF you ignore the doomed nature of this Ponzi scheme. See below for details.

In the United States, there is no specific level at which Social Security contributions stop earning you additional benefits. Instead, the amount of benefits you receive is based on the amount of income you earned during your working years, and the age at which you start receiving benefits. But I’ve done the calculations for you.

Under the Social Security program, you earn credits based on the amount of… Read More

Bruce Bialosky


Many Americans believe that Thanksgiving is the time to express gratitude. Families go around the Thanksgiving table and talk of what they are grateful for at that particular time. Gratitude is something that should be expressed all year long. And, during the “holiday season,” even a little more. I am truly fortunate to have realized long ago that gratitude is the most important aspect of life. You cannot be genuinely happy without first being grateful. One is most likely unhappy without gratitude. Simple as that. You do not have to be a religiously observant person to understand the importance of gratitude. But I have found that one is more likely to be a religiously observant person if you understand the importance of gratitude. That is part of the reason in our country the “merchants of ungratefulness” are having their day. They tell people that they are taken advantage of by our society, and they divide people into groups – you know all of them. Then they tell the people over and over again that they cannot be happy because of their gender or skin color. This serves to feed only the merchants of ungratefulness as they feed… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Burying Granny in the Garden

There is ample evidence that those who believe the planet is coming to a calamitous ending soon are either cult members or have lost their minds and need significant psychotic drugs. Witness the recent acts by deranged individuals throwing soup on world renown art masterpieces and then gluing themselves to the adjacent wall. These are random delusional cranks, but there is more evidence that some duly elected officials have totally lost their minds over their perverse perception of action needed to save the planet. The Legislature of California is unfortunately a year-round travesty that manages to delve into all areas of our lives because they can due to one-party control. This past session they passed over 1,150 bills of which Gallivanting Gavin signed 997 of them to enact into law. The thought that most California residents will not know of most of these and will likewise ignore the insidiousness of the massive changes seems to escape their understanding what is actually “good government.” One of these new laws caught my attention as being particularly odious. It could only be passed by a group of people completely devoid of any religion other than… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Word Should Be Banned for All

I have been pondering this subject for a long while. I have had discussions with people which have elicited an array or reactions. There is a word that is banned for use for most every population. Yet, the one population that it would be addressed toward in a derogatory manner uses it regularly. This is the word n_____. Now that you have gotten over the shock of seeing the word in print, let’s explore why I believe that black people should be banned from using it also. The motivation for taking this position is that it has become commonplace for blacks to use the word particularly in comic routines. One of my favorite current comedians uses the word frequently. That is Dave Chapelle. Chapelle is a brilliant comedian who banters the word around regularly. In fact, when he hosted SNL people complained because he used the word nigga extensively. Chris Rock who is another amazingly funny comedian has used the word regularly. In fact, Rock had a conversation with Ricky Gervais and Louis C.K. (two white guys) where they bantered the word around liberally. Rock received significant backlash for that. Most of the current usage was generated… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

What Happened to Our Civility?

We see an increased level of crime in our country. We see an increased level of negative political discourse. More importantly in our daily actions with the people around us, we see a degradation of human interaction and consideration for people in general. That has been on full display recently in one of my main hobbies – attending concerts. During the pandemic, the principal thing I missed more than anything else was live musical performances. Most people think of me as a baseball person, but my main activity is music. Music is on at my home, my car, and my office as much as possible. There is nothing like a live performance though for me. At concerts I have seen the deterioration of people’s behavior over a period of years. It is especially fascinating because the price of concert tickets has soared – due in part because of people’s willingness to pay but also to compensate for the artists’ lost revenue on CD sales. Regardless, one must wonder why people act like they are in their own homes while surrounded by others trying to listen to a performance. Why are they loudly chatting about recent shopping trips instead of listening to the… Read More

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