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Richard Rider

Latest SKY HIGH CA residential electricity rates — and the case for CA home solar power

Below is my personal electricity bill for the month of October, 2018 — and my history for this past year. Don’t be overly impressed by the low cost bills. It’s the result of a very expensive solar electricity array on our roof.

But DO be impressed (and appalled) by the SDG&E residential electricity RATES I included. Below 400 kWh use, the price is 27 cents per kWh — double or more what customers pay in other states.

But it gets worse. Above 401 kWh usage a month, the price is a mind-blowing (and wallet-emptying) 47 cents/kWh. Above 1,245 kWh the price rises even further to 55 cents/kWh. I might add that these prices are probably similar to the rates of the other two major electricity utilities in the Golden State — PG&E, and SoCal Edison. Folks in other states should look at THEIR electricity bills to get a feel for the ASTONISHINGdifference in CA rates vs. the otherRead More

Katy Grimes

Gov. Elect Gavin Newsom Casting Some Big #MeToo Stones

Gov. Elect Gavin Newsom is casting some big #MeToo stones forgetting that his house is all glass.

California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman has been accused of sexual harassment and assault. Staffers told the Los Angeles Times that during his time as party chair, Bauman, who is gay, would “regularly make sexually explicit comments in the workplace to men and women, including remarks about sexual acts, his and other staffers’ genitalia, and being sexually attracted to staff members,” CBS Los Angelesreported.

Read More

Katy Grimes

‘New Way California:’ Wrong Way, Deceptive Way

An odd group of Never-Trump Republican centrists and political has-beens who formed “New Way California” earlier this year, claim New Way is needed because they are “committed to policies that increase opportunities for all Californians.”

What they are committed to is remaining in power, even if that means being subservient to the Democrat Party and leftism. In June I wrote “New Way California is WrongWay.

Remember what I warned in myrecent book, “California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses?” that rather than working on fixing their own failing state, California politicians would do much better for the state by dropping the hostility and political grandstanding.

Chad Mayes started “… Read More

Katy Grimes

Claremont School District Blacklists Popular Farmer’s Historical Reenactments

For nearly 40 years, Jim Riley and his family have lived on their 760-acre apple farm in Oak Glen, California, in San Bernardino County.

Jim and his wife built a Colonial-inspired home on the farm in 1994, and were thinking about doing 18th century dinner theater. Shortly thereafter, the Riley’s were approached by parents of local elementary school students asking for historical field trips at the farm. “We started doing American Revolution-themed tours, and Civil War reenactments for 5th graders in Southern California,” Riley said when we talked recently.… Read More

Ray Haynes

Stay the Course

It’s December 1982. After two years of the Reagan presidency, the press and the left in this country has pounded on then President Ronald Reagan. Throughout the two years, Congressional Democrats attacked him, Congressional Republicans were slow to accept his agenda, and the midterm elections resulted in losses that undercut Reagan’s working coalition in Congress. (Those losses, by the way, were approximately the same losses as Trump suffered in the 2018 midterm election) The result? Establishment Republicans moved to reassert themselves in the Reagan agenda.

Here’s what they said: Bob Michel (Minority Leader from 1976-1992, Republicans took the majority in Congress when he quit as leader) “I’m really concerned about where we’re going next year…if the President doesn’t like the word ‘compromise’ well let’s say he’s got to make some adjustments in the original course…” William Cohen (Republican moderate Senator from Maine): “You can’t govern this country when it is so polarized…I think the President has to compromise…” David Gergen (Reagan’s… Read More

Richard Rider

In this lopsided blue state, most CA GOP voters have no reason to vote. But there is a solution.

At this point, I’d estimate that about three-fifths (60%) of November 2018 California voters supported Democrats, and about two-fifths (40%) supported the GOP. But that’s just my conjecture as to the ratio.

The results of the CA governor’s race — a good indicator of statewide political party preference — indicate that the Democrat advantage in votes is a bit smaller than mySWAGthree-fifths figure. Democrat Gavin Newsom won with 57% of the vote. Republican John Cox got 43%.

Yet the Democrats will now hold 3/4 or more of the both California State Assembly AND State Senate seats. Even more one-sided are the CA House of Representative results — Democrats won 45 seats. The Republicans won only 8. In other words, the Democratic Party won EIGHTY-FIVE percent of these House seats withat mostonly a 60% majority of those who voted.

Is this supposedly the widely touted “representative democracy”? Not in MY book!

The core problem is that in America we hold “winner-take-all” district elections… Read More

Richard Rider

Second biggest CA business reportedly is moving its HQ from SF to TX

Recent reports have indicated that McKesson Corp — the sixth largest Fortune 500 company — may well be preparing to move its HQ from San Francisco to Texas. Apparently the company has already sold its SF HQ building. In California, only Apple is larger than McKesson. McKesson employs over 75,000 people. In addition, in recent years State Farm has been moving most of its extensive California bureaucracy out of the Golden State. This has been little noticed by the press.Read More

Richard Rider

Lessons from the 2018 election — the bad and the not-so-bad

Here are some lessons to be learned from the 2018 elections — the lessons most important to me. I’ll start with the bad news — and then list the “sorta” good news. Well, the “not TOO bad” news.

1. Our country is moving left, and it’s not likely to reverse direction until we experience the full adverse consequences. If then.

2. The number of red states that are LIKELY tostayred is declining — in large part because of shifting demographics. Some states that are supportive of limited government and low taxes TODAY are likely to reverse direction within the next 4 -12 years. These are generally GOP-controlled states that I find attractive now but should be avoided longer term. These sometimes-red-but-soon-blue states include Florida, Texas (yes, TEXAS), Arizona, North Carolina, Missouri, Nevada — and likely New Hampshire. Looking at the 2016 and 2018 voting results, the remaining states likely to remain GOP (with lower taxes) for theRead More

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