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Bruce Bialosky

Politics of College Loan Relief are Baffling

For someone like myself who has been involved with and analyzed the political arena, one can almost always conclude as to why an elected official has taken a political position. Most of the time it is to serve their perceived constituency for the purpose of maintaining the elected official’s lifespan in office. Supporting college loan relief makes no sense for nearly all elected officials. Yet many are pushing it anyway.

There are three discernible voter groups that have an interest in this issue’s outcome: 1. People who never attended college nor have their children. That is about 51% of Americans. They have zero interest in paying for the college loans of the other 49%. Let’s say there are about 210 million Americans over the age of 18 years old. That means 107 million in that category.

2. The other 49% have either a community college or four-year degree. Of that 43 million have student debt as of now.

3. That means the remainder is a group of 64 million Americans. These people either paid off their loan, paid their way through college or had it paid for. I fall into two categories. I paid my way through college and ponied up for my two… Read More

Ray Haynes

Defending Freedom

I believe in vigorous and active political campaigns, and the clash of political principles. I believe that when people hear the truth, they will choose the truth. The challenge is that too often political truth gets trapped in campaign rhetoric and political pandering. The challenge for conservative candidates is piercing the rhetorical cacophony, amplified by the leftist mainstream media, and speak truthfully about why conservative principles promote those government policies that will improve the every day lives of the citizens of this state and the country. Smaller government, stronger families, less taxes, freedom and free enterprise and the key to the peace and stability of each community, and the prosperity of families and individuals. On that, all conservatives should agree.

That doesn’t mean that, at any point, conservative candidates need to talk about “every issue” involved in the freedom agenda. Some specific agenda items need more explanation, some need more education, and some are so counterintuitive that promoting them will simply take too long, and generate too much opposition, to promote in the often hectic election… Read More

Richard Rider

The “digital divide” is largely a fiction — and already solved

One common refrain from redistribution progressives is the unfair “digital divide.” It’s largely an old, outdated excuse for low income kids being left behind — as opposed to properly blaming the failing urban school systems and unwise parental priorities.

There are two parts of this digital divide. 1. Lack of Internet access. 2. Lack of a computer.

Let’s look closer at each “deprivation.”


The lack of Internet access for some is real, but overblown — and solvable. The problem has been made worse by the perpetual pandemic government lockdown of kids — unable to attend school, visit libraries, or and otherwise access Internet hot spots that are available… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

What Happens if Newsom Wins Recall

We apparently have a governor who never had limits set by his parents while growing up. How do I know this? He told the press that the recall was not “fair.” Every parent I know had a petulant crying child stand in front of them at some point screaming “That is not fair.” In a variety of manners parents told their children “Tough luck kid; life is not fair.” We never expected to have our Governor acting like that. If Governor Newsom somehow survives this recall he will take it out on us because he will be a pouting little child who ultimately got his way.

This column typically stays away from speculation. Yet in this case, it is necessary. Based on watching this Governor who, for over two years has handled himself in a certain manner and will continue in the same manner, will know he can operate for another five years without restrictions.

Newsom seemingly just realized there is a homeless problem in California despite having been our Governor for more than two years. He stated it is unacceptable for homeless to be living on the streets. Thank you, Governor, but we all know that. Instead of restructuring laws that would stop attracting homeless from… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Swedes Should Act More Like Danes

If you have thought about leaving California for Texas, you should really pay attention to what is going on in Scandinavia. Just like New Yorkers who exited for Florida, Swedes are being betrayed by their government and should demand they act more like Danes.

This all accelerated when Angela Merkel decided to take in a million immigrants when countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa were falling apart. Over a million refugees came to Europe through the Merkel-led plan and spread through all members of the European Union. The Eastern European countries balked and were called the usual names – racist, anti (insert the relevant ethnicity), etc. But based on what is going on in some countries, the immigrants have been extremely problematic.

Sweden has been particularly welcoming, having taken in a higher percentage of refugees than many other countries in Europe. For that, a country that was basically without crime went from the safest country in Europe to having the second highest level of crime after Kosovo. Despite the government’s attempt to hide the figures, the refugee community which has exploded to over 500,000 in ten years has also exploded crimes… Read More

Ray Haynes

The Disintegration of an Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian

Two big things happened yesterday. First, the Supreme Court failed to intervene, and require the government to actually prove that an emergency surrounding the corona virus “pandemic” actually exists. Second, our Lazy Arrogant Authoritarian in Charge (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom lost it during a press conference.

Let’s talk about the Supreme Court first. Someone needs to do something about the emergency statutes. There is no doubt that statutes defining an emergency, and allowing the government to move forward are necessary. Wars, fires, earthquakes, and similar cataclysmic events occur, and often, swift, decisive action is necessary, for a limited period of time, to address the immediate challenges presented by these events. Oftentimes, the very nature of the legislative process prevents the Legislature from intervening in the short term. Laws need to be suspended, sometimes, things need to happen quickly, sometimes, direct, unrestricted government action is necessary for a short period of time, sometimes. However, Legislatures can act over the long term (meaning anything that lasts longer than two months), and, to protect people from an out of control… Read More

Richard Rider

Top 10 reasons to recall Governor Gavin Newsom

I’ve been thinking of the major voter issues that the GOP should be publicizing to unseat Gavin Newsom. I’ve pared it down to this “Top Ten” list:

1.CrimeFrom massive shoplifting to murder, CA crime rates are zooming up. The most dramatic increases in crime are ALL occurring in the big, Democrat-controlled cities. Democrats OWN the crime spree. I think that ‘crime’ might be the top issue in this recall.

2.Homeles​snessEspecially since Newsom publicly INVITED the nation’s homeless to come to California where we will take care of them. NO CA voter wants more homeless here. Even our state’s HOMELESS don’t want more homeless here!

3.​ CA gRead More

Bruce Bialosky

Crazy New Rules Encouraging Vaccination Punish Americans

With the advent of the Covid-19 Delta Variant, there has been an explosion of demands for people getting vaccinations. Private companies are imposing rules for their employees which are perfectly legal. But the government solutions to this problem are typical of government solutions – insipid and nuts and punish the wrong people.

I am forced to put in a qualifier here because of the great lie that Republicans are the true problem regarding obtaining vaccinations. I have had Covid and both my Pfizer shots. I have never met a vaccination I have not taken. When my physician tells me to get a shot, I get a shot. Two years ago, my Doc told me to get a pneumonia vaccination because I was 65+ years of age. The Beautiful Wife and I went Walgreens and did that the same day.

I tried to understand why people don’t want to get a Covid shot. The argument that it is still experimental is nonsense. Hundreds of millions of people have gotten the shots and Covid deaths plummeted. There are cases where it has not worked for people or caused problems, but the vaccines have worked and work against the Delta Variant.

We now have a new term – breakthrough cases. That is… Read More

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